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Questions that are frequently asked:


In line with Republic Act No. 11597, or the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) Act, we are opening our doors to post-World War II veterans and retirees of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to join our WWII veterans and their heirs as stockholders of PVB. Under Section 6 of said Act, the definition of “veterans” has been expanded to include post-war Filipino veterans and AFP Retirees.

Q: What is the PVB Stock Subscription Offering (SSO)?
A: It is an equity capital raising exercise by Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) open to all eligible Filipino Post-War veterans (Korean, Vietnam War, AFP Retirees). There are 51.6 million common shares of stock at Php 110 per share. This is available during the Stock Subscription Offer period beginning September 5, 2022 until 2:00 pm of November 29, 2022 (Manila Time).

Q: Where can eligible veterans find information about the SSO?
A: Information about the SRO can be found in:

  • PVB website
  • Invitation to veterans sent via post office/ mail
  • Veterans organizations and associations
  • PVB Facebook page

Q: What is the process for the SSO?
A: Eligible Filipino Veterans can subscribe to as many common shares as he/she can, without limit, on a “first come, first served” basis.  The number of shares to be subscribed must be indicated in the Subscription Agreement mailed to the eligible veteran. The signed Subscription Agreement should be submitted to any PVB branch together with the full payment for the subscribed shares on or before the end of the Offer Period.

Q: Who are eligible to participate in this stock subscription rights offering (SSO)?
A: Filipino Post-war veterans, such as Korean War veterans, Vietnam War Veterans and Retirees of the Armed Forces of the Philippines are eligible to join the SSO.

Q: What is the minimum number of shares?
A: The minimum is one hundred (100) Shares.

Q: Is there a maximum number of shares that I can subscribe to and buy?
A: There is no limit, as long as you are ready to pay in full the subscription price on or before the end of the Offer Period.

Q: What are the documents required for submission for the SSO?

Q: I am a Filipino Veteran but did not receive any Letter or Notice. What do I do?
A: You may call, text or email the contact details below:

Phone Numbers           Email                                                  

(02) 7902-1782   



Q: When can Eligible Veterans submit applications and make payments?
A: Only during the Offer period from 9:00AM on September 5, 2022 to 2:00PM on Nov. 29, 2022.

Q: Where do I submit my signed Subscription Agreement and other documents?
A: You can submit your signed Subscription Agreement, the photocopy of your government-issued ID, and deposit slip/proof of payment at:

  • PVB Main office located at 101 V.A. Rufino corner Dela Rosa Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City; or
  • Any PVB branch nationwide.

Q: How can Offshore Eligible Veterans submit applications and make payments?
A: For eligible veterans located in jurisdictions outside the Philippines and outside the United States where it is legal to participate in the Subscription Offer under the securities laws of such jurisdictions, applications may initially be submitted within the Offer Period via electronic email and courier directly addressed to:

Veterans Affairs Office

5th Floor, PVB Building

101 V.A. Rufino corner Dela Rosa Streets

Legaspi Village, Makati City

Subject: Stock Subscription Offering

Q: Once I submit the required documents and pay for the subscription, can these be returned if I change my mind?
A: No, it is irrevocable.

Q: Are PVB shares traded in the Stock Exchange?
A: No.

Q: Can I still subscribe to or buy additional shares after the SSO?
A: No

Q: Why is PVB raising capital?
A: The capital raising exercise would help PVB meet is its committed capital requirement of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). Also, the Bank has substantially grown its corporate and retail loans in recent years. The capital raising would support the Bank’s growth momentum.

Q: What will happen to the remaining unsubscribed shares after the SSO?
A: These will be made available for sale to other interested investors.


 Should you have any more questions about the SSO, please contact PVB Customer Care via the following channels:

Phone Numbers           Email                                                  

(02) 7902-1782   





Q: Are all World War II veterans qualified as stockholders of the Bank?
A: No, only WWII Veterans who are certified by the Philippine Veterans Administration Office (PVAO) are qualified as stockholders of PVB. 

Q: Who are qualified to claim the shares of stock of a deceased PVB stockholder?
A: The widow, orphan or compulsory heirs of a deceased veteran.

Q: My Brother/Sister/Uncle/Auntie/Grandparent is a World War II veteran, what must I do to acquire the PVB shares of stock in his/her name?
A:  Email a clear photo of his/her Military Service record or discharge paper or copy of approved old age pension to for initial verification, after which a customer service officer will get in touch with you.

Q: My stock certificate was lost, how can I get a replacement?
A: In case of loss or destruction of certificates of shares, replacement certificates shall be issued, subject to the submission of a notarized Affidavit of Loss to the Office of The Board Secretary.

Q: Can I sell my PVB shares of stock?
A: The Bank is not redeeming its shares of stock at the moment. However, you can convert the said shares to cash by selling the same to another stockholder. The sale must cover both the original common and preferred shares and all the stock dividends earned, i.e. all of the shares of stock in your name. It is also required that the seller indorse/sign all the stock certificates in the space provided at the back of the stock certificate and execute a Deed of Sale in favor of the buyer.

Q:  Can the heirs be able to distribute evenly the shares of stock among themselves?
A:  No, the shares of stock can only be transferred to only one (1) heir.

Q: My father had a stock certificate dated 1970. How much is his dividends in arrears?
A: The Bank started distributing regular dividends only in 1992 after it was rehabilitated and re-opened. In short, the dividends in arrears due to your father covers only those dividends that were declared from 1992 onward.

Q: Do the PVB and the PVAO refer to one and the same office?
A: No. Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) is a private commercial bank owned by World War II veterans and their descendants while Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) is the agency of the Philippine government under the Department of National Defense.

Q: What are the modes of payment?
A: We offer four (4) modes of payment as seen below: