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Corporate Banking

Cash Management


 Cash Management Services (Central Operations Group)

  1. PVB Corporate Payroll System
  2. ATM Installation
  3. Deposit Pick-Up Service / Coins and Bills Supply Agreement
  4. Third Party Automatic Debit Arrangement 
  5. Online Viewing Facility
  6. POS Facility
    POS Retail/Acquiring 
    POS Cash out
  7. Bills Payment
  8. Philhealth Payment via Over the Counter (OTC)
  9. BancNet's Online Facility

a. E-Gov Facility

i. SSS Contribution

ii. Pag-Ibig Contribution

iii. Philhealth Contribution

b. BancNet's Online Tax Payment Gateway (BOTPG)




Contact Us:

      For more information on how to avail of our Cash Management Services, contact the nearest PVB Branch in your area.

Deposit Products


Peso Savings

  • Passbook for Corporate Accounts
  • Interest Rate: 0.100% p.a
  • For Corporate Accounts: Only P5,000 minimum initial deposit  and maintaining balance and P10,000 to earn interest

U.S Dollar Savings

  • Passbook Account
  • Interest Rate: 0.050% p.a.
  • For Corporate Accounts: Only $500 minimum initial deposit and maintaining balance to earn interest

Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor


Regular Peso Checking (Non-Interest Bearing)

  • For Corporate Accounts: Only P10,000 minimum initial deposit and maintaining balance

Special Peso Checking (Interest Bearing)

  • A peso checking account that earns an interest at 0.100%p.a
  • For Corporate Accounts: Only P50,000 minimum initial deposit, maintaining balance, and to earn interest

Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor

Time Deposit

Veterans Bank introduces time deposit products that offer not only high-interest rates but also come with a free accident insurance. Choose from Regular Time Deposit or Long term time deposit depending on your Institution's needs.


For Individuals (in case of joint Accounts, each depositor must present the requirements listed below):

  1. Duly Notarized Secretary Certificate (With name of officers for the current year and the designation of bank as corporate depository with specifications as to the manner of withdrawals and authorized signatories)
  2. Board Resolution (Authorizing the opening of the account and designating the person(s) who are authorized to sign for in behalf of the corporation, duly certified under oath by the corporate secretary)
  3. Articles of Incorporation and By Laws and all amendments thereto, if any
  4. Two (2) Primary IDs of all authorized signatories

Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor

Corporate and Public Loan Products

Philippine Veterans Bank offers an array of banking services to corporations, businesses, and government clients that contribute to growth and investments as well as urban and countryside development.

  • Institutional and Corporate Banking Products and Services
  • Government Banking Products and Services

Trust and Asset Management Group

1. Asset Management Services for Corporate Clients:                                           

Investment Management Account

  • an agency arrangement that involves the prudent investment of funds on behalf of the client, with or without specification as to type of investments

  • can be directional or discretionary

Minimum Investment: P100,000.00

Benefits: Provides client access to higher yielding investment outlets with a choice of available short, medium or long tenors.

Investment Outlet under Investment Management Account may be:

  1. Time Deposit

  2. Corporate Bonds

  3. Preferred Shares

  4. Government Securities

  5. UITF

  6. Mutual Funds

2. Corporate Trust Services

a. Trusteeship of Employee Benefit Plans:

Employers sometimes have a hard time in keeping the best employees they have, or to attract new employees. Philippine Veterans Bank-Trust and Asset Management Group helps to set up and manage the company’s retirement plans to benefit the company as well as the employees through a formal Employee Benefit Plan under a Trust Arrangement. Philippine Veterans Bank-Trust and Asset Management Group will recommend suitable benefit plan such as defined-benefit plan known as a Gratuity Plan, or a defined contribution plan (Provident Plan) where both employees and employer contribute to the plan on a monthly basis.

Employee Benefit Plans are primarily created to provide for retirement and other benefits to employees, and these are substantially superior to what the law provides under Republic Act 7641 and Republic Act 8424

Gratuity Plan - The cost or contributions needed to maintain the fund is solely shouldered by the employer. The required contributions are determined by an Actuary based on members payroll and length of service. The benefit entitlement is a function of years of service.

Provident Plan - The employees commit to participate in the contributions to the retirement fund and employers usually contribute an equal, if not proportionately greater amount. Under this arrangement, an individual ledger is maintained for each employee that records the individual personal contributions made the counterpart employer. Contributions made and the net earning that are proportionately credited at the end of each year. The employer contribution becomes part of the retirement benefits base on a vesting schedule (a percentage based on years of service)


b. Trusteeship of Pre-need Plans

Pre-need companies are required by law to set up a trust fund out of their premium collections. A pre-need trust will ensure compliance of pre-need companies with regulatory requirements. As Trustee, PVB-TAMG holds funds accumulated from the planholders’ premium payments. The funds are used for the payment of the planholder’s future benefits for its memorial, education and pension plans. Setting up a pre-need trust account gives security to its planholders that portion of their premium payments are managed separately and investments are diversified.

c. Mortgage or Collateral Trust Indenture (MTI):

When a borrower with multiple properties wishes to borrow using these as collateral, and when there are more than just one lender, a mortgage (or Collateral) Trust indenture is suggested by the Trustee. The Trustee holds all the title and evidence of ownership over the collateral properties and issues MORTGAGE PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATES (MPC) to each lender, representing their interest in the properties based on their proportionate lending relative to the total loan package.


3. Other Fiduciary / Trust Services:

a. Safekeeping

The property  owner  turns  over  his  securities  and  other valuables to PVB TRUST which will be duty bound to keep them safely and in due time return them to the owner or deliver them upon the owner’s order or instructions.

b. Escrow

A three-party arrangement whereby the trustee is appointed as a disinterested or neutral party to protect the interest of the two (2) parties to a contract.

The duty of the Escrow Agent, is to oversee the performance, compliance, delivery or completion of some act, sum of money, document, condition or time horizon stated in the agreement

(e.g. buying and selling of property, use as loan collateral, POEA requirement to recruitment agency etc.)

c. Loan Facility Agent/ Trustee

d. Receiving and Depository Bank under an IPO (Initial Public Offering) or a Private Placement

e. Trustee under a Sinking Fund and Paying Agent Agreement


  • Trust Agreement

  • Two valid ID

  • Customer Information Sheet

i. For Government Agency
ii. For Authorized Signatories

  • Specimen Signature Card

  • Client Suitability Assessment Form

  • Risk Disclosure Statement

  • Investment Policy Statement

  • Sangguniang Resolution

i. Approval/Authority to open an an account with PVB-Trust and Asset Management Group
ii. List of Authorized Signatories

  • Certified true copy of Presidential Decree/ Republic Act creating the Agency.

Note: Not applicable for Escrow, Safekeeping, and Custodianship.


Contact Us:

Phone: (02) 7 902-1663, 7 902-1600 local 8246 to 8244