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Personal Banking

Deposit Products

Savings Account

Peso Savings

  • Choice of passbook and/or ATM (optional) for individuals (non-veteran)
  • Interest Rate: 0.100% p.a
  • For Individuals: Only P1,000 minimum initial deposit and maintaining balance, P10,000 to earn interest


U.S. Dollar Savings

  • Passbook Account
  • Interest Rate: 0.075%
  • For Individuals: Only $100 minimum initial deposit and maintaining balance

Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor

Checking Account

Regular Peso Checking (Non-Interest Bearing)

  • For Individuals: Only P5,000 minimum initital deposit and maintaining balance

Special Peso Checking (Interest Bearing)

  • A peso checking account that earns an interest at 0.100%p.a
  • For Individuals: Only P10,000 minimum initial deposit, maintaining balance, and to earn interest.

Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor

Time Deposit

Veterans Bank introduces time deposit products that offer not only high-interest rates but also come with a free accident insurance. Individual time depositors will also enjoy additional perk – exemption from withholding tax and doc-stamps.


For Individuals (in case of joint Accounts, each depositor must present the requirements listed below):

  1. Two Primary IDs
  2. 2x2 Photo
  3. DTI Certificate of Business Registration for Sole Business Owners

Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor

Loan Products

Housing Loans

Every Filipino family aspires to build their dream home – a place to nurture their families and their future, an abode that is the fruit of their hard work.

At Philippine Veterans Bank, we help families achieve their aspiration to have a place they can call their own through PVB Home Loans -- housing loan products tailored to meet the needs of today’s  hardworking heroes.
Our home loans combine convenience and affordability with friendly payment options that make building your dream home simple. Surely, there’s a PVB Home Loan that’s just suited for you. 

Ready to build your dream home? Inquire about our PVB Home Loan today.

Loan Purposes

  • House Construction
  • Purchase of house and lot
  • Purchase of townhouse or condominium
  • Purchase of lot
  • Home improvement
  • Refinancing of existing housing loan

Loanable Amount

  • Minimum of P375,000
  • Up to a maximum of 80% of appraised value of the collateral
  • Up to 60% on vacant lots

Acceptable Collateral

  • Any real estate property with a Transfer Certificate of Title or Condominium Certificate of Title free from loan or encumbrance

Interest Rate

  • Competitive Interest Rates.

Repayment Term

  • Maximum of 20 years for purchases of house and lot, condominium, town house, and house construction.
  • Maximum of 10 years for purchase of lot.

Type of Housing Loan

  • Regular Housing Loan
  • Home Loan 100% Cash Back – a housing loan where 100% of the principal of the loan will be returned to the borrower after twenty (20) years, provided terms and conditions of the program are all met.

Contact Us:

Phone: (02) 7 902-1678/1648, (02) 8 857-3854/3833
Globe:  0917-551-6782, 0917-829-4064
Smart:  0998-958-8782, 0919-062-2386

Salary Loan

Product Features​

  • For qualified elected officials and employees of accredited LGU/GOCC/NGA as well as regular / permanent employees of an accredited private institution / company
  • Loan Amount computation is Credit ratio of 50% based on Net Take Home Pay of borrower; Minimum loan of P10,000
  • Minimum Net Take Home Pay Requirement shall follow the existing government regulatory requirement or the General Appropriation Act (GAA) of the current fiscal year at the time of loan drawdown
  • Term/Tenor is up to 36 months
  • Interest Rate: Prevailing Market Rates subject to approval
  • With Processing Fee 
  • With Credit Redemption Insurance (CRI) coverage in case of borrower’s death (up front)


Peso Savings

  • Choice of passbook and/or ATM (optional) for individuals (non-veteran)
  • Interest Rate: 0.100% p.a
  • For Individuals: Only P1,000 minimum initial deposit and maintaining balance, P10,000 to earn interest

U.S. Dollar Savings

  • Passbook Account
  • Interest Rate: 0.075%
  • For Individuals: Only $100 minimum initial deposit and maintaining balance

Deposits are insured by...

Pension Loan

How can the Pension Loan help you?

  • For medical/hospital needs; for maintenance medicines
  • For educational purposes
  • As capital for a small business
  • To help out family members with their own needs and for other personal financial needs


PVB’s MSME Loan program aims to address the needs of entrepreneurs that has remained unbanked or has limited exposure to commercial bank products. MSME loan products include:

Short Term Loan: 

  • To finance working capital requirements
  • Repayment within one year

Revolving Promissory Note Line:

  • Used to augment operating and working capital requirements
  • Available by promissory notes (PNs) of up to 360 days

Back-to-Back Loan:

  • Is a standby loan available to existing Savings and Time Deposit account holders that intends to bridge financial gaps for business purpose.

Domestic Bills Purchase Line:

  • Convert your checks and bank drafts into cash

Trade Check/Receivables Discounting Line:

  • Get the equivalent of up to 80% of your total accounts receivables before you can actually collect them. Our Trade Check and Receivables Discounting Line infuses cash into your business, based on your foreseeable.

Export Bills Purchase Line:

  • Is a facility wherein PVB purchases the exporter's Letter of Credit and advances payment to the buyer/exporter even prior to receiving payment from the buyer's bank.

Import/Domestic LC/TR:

  • A letter of credit is a written undertaking by PVB to pay a client's foreign/domestic supplier on the condition that all required documents are presented. A Trust Receipt is an agreement between an importer and PVB, which enables the importer to obtain possession of the goods upon arrival, and to pay for them at some future date.

Stand-by Letter of Credit:

  • This is a stand-by credit facility issued to the customer to guarantee payment for non-performance of an obligation.


Contact Us:

Phone: (02) 7 902-1645, 8 857-8326

Treasury Products (Treasury Group)

Foreign Exchange
We offer foreign exchange services including spot, swaps and forward exchange contracts **to help you  manage foreign exchange risks. *Subject to current BSP rules and regulations ** Subject to approved Treasury (PSR) Limits.

Goverment Securities
Also known as sovereign bonds, these are certificates of indebtedness that are unconditionally guaranteed by the National Government and issued thru the Bureau of Treasury.

  • Treasury Bills
    • Securities which mature in less than a year
    • Three (3) tenors: 91 day, 182-day and 364-day bills
  • Treasury Bonds
    • Securities which mature beyond 1 year
    • Six (6) tenors: 2-year, 5-year, 7-year, 10-year, 20-year and 25-year

ROP's Bonds

  • US Dollar denominated bonds issued by the Philippine Government.
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Corporate bonds are debt issued by corporations.



Minimum Amount

Coupon Rate


Treasury Bills

Bureau of Treasury

PHP 50,000.00


20% withholding tax

Treasury Bond

Bureau of Treasury

PHP 50,000.00

Semi Annual or Quarterly

20% withholding tax

Corporate Bond


Subject to Terms and Conditions of the Issuer

Subject to Terms and Conditions of the Issuer

Subject to Terms and Conditions of the Issuer

ROP Bond


USD 50,000.00

Semi Annual


Financial products may provide significant benefits and involve a variety of significant risks. Before entering into any financial products, you should carefully consider whether the transaction is appropriate for you in the light of your objectives, experience, financial and operational resources, and other relevant circumstances. You should ensure that you fully understand the nature and extent of your exposure to risk of loss, which may significantly exceed the amount of any initial payment by or to you. In general, all financial products involve risks, which include, among others, the risk of adverse or unanticipated market, financial or political developments, risk of counterparty or issuer default and other credit enforcement risks of illiquidity and related risks. In addition, you may be subject to operational risks in the event that you do not have in place appropriate internal systems and controls to monitor the various risks, funding and other requirements to which you may be subject to by virtue of your activities in derivatives and other financial markets.

Contact Us:

Phone: (02) 8 857-3878, (02) 8 857-3880, (02) 8 857-3881, (02) 8 857-8224, (02) 7 902-1636

Trust and Asset Management Group

1. Asset Management Services for Individual Clients                                        

Investment Management Account

  • an agency arrangement that involves the prudent investment of funds on behalf of the client, with or without specification as to type of investments

  • can be directional or discretionary

Minimum Investment: P100,000.00

Benefits: Provides client access to higher yielding investment outlets with a choice of available short, medium or long tenors.

Investment Outlet under Investment Management Account may be:

  1. Time Deposit

  2. Corporate Bonds

  3. Preferred Shares

  4. Government Securities

  5. UITF

2.  Financial and Estate Planning For Individuals

A service whereby the Trust Entity assists the client in developing a comprehensive financial plan designed to conserve, make productive, enhance the value and eventually facilitates the transfer of clients assets to designated beneficiaries at the least tax and other transfer cost.

This activity may involve various contexts and Trust Services/Products especially the clients participation and inputs; usually an inventory of clients assets (such as cash, investments, insurance, pre-need plan, properties and deposit accounts) will have to be conducted. The client may opt to involve his own lawyer should the transfer of assets be provided for.

a. Personal Management Trust

Personal Management Trust (PMT) is a trust agreement where the Trustor, sets aside portions of his wealth, to be managed by Philippine Veterans Bank -Trust and Asset Management Group as Trustee, for his designated beneficiaries or for his own use and benefit while alive PMT gives one the freedom to customize the trust according to one’s particular investment needs, whether for preservation of assets or for future needs of chosen beneficiaries. The Client also benefits from a professionally-managed trust fund, maximizing the growth potential of his personal wealth according to his own unique personal investment risk tolerance. A PMT account may be also be customized to have regular income distribution for specific purposes.

b. Life Insurance Trust

The trustor/insured appoints the trustee to receive or collect the trustor’s life insurance proceeds for management, investment and for distribution to the insured’s family or other lawful beneficiaries in accordance with the terms set down by the trustor in the irrevocable life insurance trust agreement. The proceeds of the insurance will be tax exempt even when eventually distributed to the designated beneficiaries as specified/programmed in the Section on Distribution of Assets in the Life Insurance Trust Agreement.


3. Other Fiduciary / Trust Services:

a. Safekeeping:

The  property  owner  turns  over  his  securities  and other valuables to PVB TRUST which will be duty bound to keep them safely and in due time return them to the owner or deliver them upon the owner’s order or instructions.

b. Escrow:

A three-party arrangement whereby the trustee is appointed as a disinterested or neutral party to protect the interest of the two (2) parties to a contract.

The duty of the Escrow Agent, is to oversee the performance, compliance, delivery or completion of some act, sum of money, document, condition or time horizon stated in the agreement.

(e.g. buying and selling of property, use as loan collateral, POEA requirement to recruitment agency, etc.)



  • Trust Agreement

  • Two valid IDs

  • Specimen Signature Card

  • Customer Information Sheet

  • Client Suitability Assessment form

  • Risk Disclosure Statement

  • Investment Policy Statement

  • Data Privacy Form

Note: Not applicable for Escrow, Safekeeping, and Custodianship.


Contact Us:

 Phone: (02) 7 902-1663, 7 902-1600 local 8246 to 8244

Pension Express Padala

Ensure safe, convenient, and timely delivery of your monthly pension with Veterans Bank's Pension Padala.

PVB's Pension Padala is a local remittance service whereby PVAO Pensioner receive their monthly pension through the Bank's accredited courier companies. No need to travel far, spend on fare, or wait in line each month to get your much needed pension. With PVB's Pension Padala, your pension is delivered right to your doorstep for a minimal fee of P150.

To avail of the service, you simply need to transfer your pension account to PVB and thereafter enrol in the Pension Padala program.

For more information on how to avail of our Pension Padala service, contact the nearest PVB branch in your area.